domenica 24 giugno 2012

From India with Love

Hi guys, i'm happy to share this post with you..why?? Because i've just received this amazing original Kurta from one of my favorite friends!! Thank u Aditi for this present!!
Kurta is a long shirt for men worn traditionally in India. Its worn mainly on special occasions and festivals.
With the Mens Fashion Week happening in Milan right now, i think this look is perfect to show the summer casuals..
and it looks good on me!!

Indian Kurta
Jeans Levi's Vintage
Sandals Balenciaga
Sunnies Ray-Ban

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8 commenti:

  1. it looks awesome with the pants and sandals. I need to get my own! Calling an indian friend now... ;)

  2. La tua amica e' veramente gentile.....