martedì 21 agosto 2012

Breakfast in the hot City

I've spent my morning with my dear friend for an amazing breakfast in California Bakery where i ate for the first time pancakes with fresh strawberries.
I like this place because it's very relaxing and is good for having the right snacks.
Summertime is ending but Milan is still hot and t-shirt, silk pants and sandals are the best things to wear again.

Vintage T-shirt
Pants Sisley 
Sandals Balenciaga 
Sunglasses Ray-Ban
Wallet Bottega Veneta 
Keyring Alexander MCQueen

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13 commenti:

  1. I love your outfit especially your pants! ♥
    ps: followed you on bloglovin! ;)
    xoxo Chris

  2. amo california.

    buone vacanze!!