giovedì 25 ottobre 2012


Throughout the brand’s history, Dr. Martens has been used as a tribal emblem by successive subcultures, decade after decade each twisting and subverting the boot and shoes to meet their own individual identity. But tribes are not just based solely on style, but also by substance. A shared attitude, a spirit, an instinct. For many, their first pair of Dr. Martens is both a statement of self expression and a stamp of belonging. An individual style, connected by a united spirit. Extending Dr. Martens #FIRSTANDFOREVER sentiment from A/W11 and S/S12, the A/W12 campaign direction develops the brand’s connection to ‘tribe’.


Shot again by Gavin Watson, the A/W12 campaign features a punchier cast of characters, with long-standing Dr. Martens fan Alice Dellal at the helm. Also featuring young upstarts Billie Turnbull and Henry Pedro-Wright alongside British musician Gwilym Gold.
The campaign follows a gang of friends through a wild night in London, followed by the inevitable morning after. Shot in Hackney Wick, A/W12 moves into a more urban British landscape.
Alongside the shots, a series of films follow each individual character, with each film touching on aspects of friendship and bonds – from loyalty to trust. In addition, a longer group film will relay the story of the shoot and give an overview on the theme of ‘belonging’ bringing the campaign to life in the digital space, to allow the consumer the platform to create their own personal portrait, which reflects both their individual style and all the elements which influence it.
Each month Dr. Martens will focus on a key range, allowing DM’s consumers to identify themselves to a certain DM product style. These style tribes will be led by leading edge consumers through a series of engaging style films and consumer-generated uploads.

I'll talk about this because you know how I love the brand and when I received the mail for collaborating with them I couldn't believe what I read. These are the presents I received and I can't wait to mix and match a new outfit and share with you.

Stay Tuned..I'll be back soon!!

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15 commenti:

  1. Le ho comprate proprio oggi. Anche se quelle tutte borchiate non erano affatto male...

  2. I like that bag! Wow, so lucky of you to collaborate with such an AMAZING brand! They have great design and a very durable composition.


  3. Sono stupende!
    Provvederò a comprarmi il modello alto e semplice perché mi piacciono troppo:)
    Buon weekend!
    Passa da me, mi fa piacere!
    Baci, juliette

    1. nn te ne pentirai!!
      Bun weekend a te Juliette

  4. Appena comprato delle DR.Martens borchiate. Fanstastiche per la nuova stagione!

    Ti seguo, dai un'occhiata al mio blog ; )

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